Our History

In 1981, a group of young business leaders desired to establish and maintain Christian relationships in the marketplace. Realizing the need for continued growth through personal Bible study and accountability, they committed to meeting on a regular basis. Along with their commitment to spiritual growth in their private and professional lives, they had a desire to reach their peers. As a result of their desire to reach other businessmen in the Birmingham, Alabama community, they held their first outreach meeting in the spring. Several men attended the initial banquet and as a result, 2 new small group Bible studies began.

Realizing the importance and potential of a strong marketplace ministry, the decision was made to formalize the organization. Young Business Leaders was now the name that referred to an organization focused and committed to reaching business leaders for Christ. They sought out an Executive Director and chose Phil Reddick as the director and first staff member of Young Business Leaders.

As YBL Birmingham began to grow, YBL chose to expand into three more cities: Huntsville, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, and Cincinnati, Ohio. Along with expansion to other cities, YBL started Women Business Leaders in Birmingham. WBL is focused on reaching women in the marketplace and growing community among all types of working women. With over 700 members, YBL continues the daily task of reaching men and women in the marketplace for Christ and growing a community of Christ-like leaders.

We are presently laying ground for sites in Charlotte, North Carolina, and other cities across the nation. We are looking to working with churches that are willing to step out with this vision to reach businessmen.