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YBL Jackson Banquets are hosted twice yearly in a professional setting and feature a prominent Christian speaker (businessmen, professional athletes, etc.) who talks about his life and faith. Each speaker will tell the story of his life and career and explain what it means to him to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

These meetings are usually held over the lunch hour at a local hotel banquet room. Over 2,300 invitations (which also encourage invitation by “word-of-mouth”) are mailed to area businessmen and professionals. Every banquet affords each participant the opportunity of getting more involved with YBL while at the same time hearing a very entertaining speaker talk about how he found purpose and meaning in life.

Past featured banquet speakers include Mr. Charles Olcott, former President of Burger King, Inc.; Senator William Armstrong, former United States Senator from Colorado; Mr. Norm Miller, chairman of the board of Interstate Battery (1996 & 2017);  Adolph Coors IV, President of Coors Family Business Investments; Frank Reich, former NFL quarterback for the Buffalo Bills; Loren Roberts, PGA Tour member; Rod Barnes, University of Mississippi head basketball coach; and Russell O’Quinn, Top Gun fighter pilot, Maj. Jeff Streuker, Blackhawk Down Captain, Danny Weurfful, 1996 Heisman Trophy Winner University of Florida, and Will Primos, Primos Hunting Products.

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2017 Fall Banquet featuring Norm Miller



2017 Spring Banquet featuring Hugh Freeze



2016 Spring Banquet featuring Brodie Croyle



2014 Spring Banquet featuring Will Primos



2014 Fall Banquet featuring Ron Andrews:

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