Testimonies from YBL Members

Joe Nosef; Birmingham

“I have been involved in Young Business Leaders for the last 4 years. I became involved by accident when I attended an event to hear the political speaker. Since that time, I have attended a weekly Bible study for the past 4 years and now serve as Board Chairman of YBL. It is difficult to describe in detail what I have gotten out of YBL, however, I can summarize it by saying that I have grown not only in my knowledge of God’s Word, but also what that means in daily business and family life. I have worked hard to get others involved in YBL and will continue to do so in the future. This organization is having a dramatic impact on the lives of Christian families in this area, and I hope it is able to do so for years to come.”

Anna Threadcraft; WBL, Birmingham

Community- It’s something we crave, yet so often struggle to find authentically among women in the workplace. Since joining WBL, I’ve found an environment where women can leave their corporate titles at the door and join a welcoming group of women with the same objective.

WBL strives to support women to do what they do with excellence through investment in others to bring them closer to the cross. The guest speakers at each monthly brunch have shared both their personal and professional stories, bringing hope and practical principles to all who’ve attended.

I’ve watched WBL develop and expand as it steps forward to reach females who are single, married, divorced, single parents, approaching retirement and newly employed.  With the warm spirit and professional leadership of the new WBL director, Tommye Lambert, WBL in 2015 will no doubt leave a lasting impact on the lives of working women throughout the Birmingham area!

Clark Converse; Jackson

“I am 27 years old, divorced, with 2 children and have had a tough six months; but because of Doug Owen and YBL in the mist of all this madness I have found GOD and a little peace in this world. I truly believe I have grown more than I ever thought possible spiritually and emotionally since being introduced to YBL. I became a Christian and know where my place is in heaven by studies we have done in my short time in YBL. I am perfect, no, but it is exciting being involved with a group of guys that strive to be Christ-like. My life still has peaks and valleys I have just found a better way to handle them with Christ. A few months ago I told God I wanted to die. Instead of death He gave me life-He gave me Doug and YBL.”

Roddy Bridges; Jackson

“I would first like to say thank you for bringing Young Business Leaders into my life. Had you not had a welcome station set up at Colonial Heights Baptist Church some two years ago during the men’s conference featuring Patrick Morley, I might not be writing this letter! YBL has kept me accountable to myself, my wife, my children, but most of all, to God. Oblivious to just how easy it is to methodically attend church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s, YBL gives me the opportunity during the week, to hear real-life, in-depth occurrences from men just like me; in the trenches. I am thankful in many regards for the impact that YBL has had on my life, but most of all for the fact that it is for every man! I have met and conversed with some great men in my time through YBL- Rod Barnes, Chris Snopek and Loren Roberts to name a few. The most exciting aspect of YBL is this: no matter what age, race, denomination, nationality or financial background you come from- it’s for everyone! Not only is there a place and need for men in YBL there is also a place and need for YBL in men.”