YBL has a twenty year history of being a champion for integrity, honesty and ethical business practices in the marketplace. By creating opportunities for young business leaders to hear from established leaders speak on character, content and competence, we are providing a pathway for them to become world class leaders.


Founded in 1981, Young Business Leaders (YBL) is a Board-directed organization whose purpose is to reach businessmen and professionals and to offer the tools and environment that facilitate holistic growth. We accomplish this by providing venues such as banquets, small group opportunities and one-on-one contacts with proven and established leaders. YBL’s impact is made primarily by establishing men in the essentials of their faith, and equipping them to share and express time honored values with their colleagues in the business community.

Young Business Leaders of Birmingham, (YBLB), was begun in response to a perceived need for a vibrant Christian ministry outreach to young business executives in the Birmingham area. Being non-denominational, this organization centers totally on the person of Jesus Christ as the source of meeting their personal needs of young professionals in the marketplace. YBLB has sought to use the common and neutral ground of the Business environment as a comfortable medium through which to generate interest in the Christian faith. It is hoped that as a young executive incorporates Christian principles into every aspect of his life, there would be a ripple effect among his fellow employees. This would ultimately result in a more positive business environment and greater ethical practices based on biblical teachings in the marketplace. For individuals who express a desire to learn more about the Christian walk, there is a planned follow-up which involves mature Christian men meeting in small groups to teach about Jesus Christ and His plan for daily living.

Our Mission

To impact businessmen in every area of their life with the person of Christ using biblical principles. To be involved with fulfilling the Great Commission by impacting businessmen. (Matthew 28:8-20)


  1. By teaching businessmen how to have true success. (Psalm 1)
  2. By reaching businessmen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Acts 1:8)
  3. By building businessmen into mature disciples of Christ. (Col. 1:28)
  4. By equipping businessmen to lead other men to maturity in Christ. (II Tim. 2:2)
  5. By sending businessmen into other areas and spheres of influence to impact the world for Christ. (Acts 17:6)


      Christlike businessmen who are actively reaching others for Christ.
      (Matthew 28:18-20)