The Heartbeat of YBL Birmingham

YBL Birmingham seeks to influence the marketplace by winning men to Christ, building them in their faith and releasing them fully equipped to lead well in their homes, churches and businesses for God’s glory.

The YBL Birmingham Strategy


Our first goal is to win businessmen to Christ. We want to show non-Christian men what it means to have a personal relationship with their creator, in a non-threatening and attractive way. We want to help them understand that real purpose, meaning and peace in life flow from a relationship with Christ. Our semi-annual banquets are our main outreach activity. The 4-week Investigative Study is strongly evangelistic. Our Concentrating on the Majors study explains beginning a relationship with Christ and provides a great environment for learning to walk out daily a relationship with Christ.


Our equipping strategies are varied as well. Our main building activities are the Concentrating on the Majors studies and the discipleship/accountability groups. It is in these environments that the men are continually exposed to God’s Word and challenged to apply it to their lives. The accountability, encouragement and support, over time help men develop into the leaders of their own lives, families, churches and businesses that God desires for them to be. Mentoring opportunities are also available as a means of equipping businessmen to lead well. Our goal is to pair businessmen with a mentor (a seasoned, godly man that will meet with you regularly to help you set goals, coach you, hold you accountable, pray with you and be a trusted friend and advisor) for the purpose of equipping businessmen in a one-on-one setting. The last piece of our equipping strategy is our leadership groups. These groups are designed to help businessmen lead at the highest levels in their homes, churches and businesses. There is great emphasis on leading themselves well as a starting point and time given to the other leadership points in a businessman’s life.


Releasing is our response to all that the Lord has taught us through His Word. Our discipleship process is not complete until we release fully equipped businessmen into the community and the world ready to make a difference for the cause of Christ. As the businessmen grow spiritually, they have greater impact for God’s kingdom in their spheres of influence. We have seen marriages that have been impacted through the years as men have begun to take seriously their responsibility for spiritual leadership in the home. Many children have benefited as well. We have seen businesses influenced and in some cases, practically the whole firm, because most of the men were involved in YBL at one time or another. We have seen men move to other cities and start men’s groups and even impact a college campus. Members have gotten involved in politics, become business owners and firm partners. Several men involved in YBL have gone on to become high level leaders in their churches. And of course many develop their leadership potential as they lead the different YBL studies.

YBL Birmingham Director

Rob Genin

[email protected]

Rob Genin has joined YBL as the City Director for Birmingham. He has 12 years of experience working in small business, technical sales and education. He graduated from Biola University in California with a B.S. in business management, and received his Masters in Divinity from Reformed Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He and his wife Carla are enjoying the challenge of raising two energetic young boys, Noah and Matthew. Rob loves playing with his children, spending time outdoors, watching an excellent film or reading a good book. He is excited at the prospect of continuing to build the business community in Birmingham one friendship at a time.

Board Members

Martin Briggs
David Cooper
Jason Crowe
Mike Lanier
David Giddens
Don Hendry

Loring Muir
Andy Martin
Stephen Hodges
David Splawn
Larry Walck

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