009YBL_eventMentoring At Young Business Leaders

In life as in business, making the right decisions is essential for success and happiness. One of the most important relationships for a young man in business is with his mentor. A guide, a coach, a sounding board, and a teacher–mentors can be extremely effective in helping a young businessman reach his potential. But it isn’t just businessmen that need mentors–fathers, husbands, and single men can all use the valuable insights of more experienced men to reach the next level of relational and spiritual growth.

YBL can supply you with a hand picked mentor who can help you find the next level in your vocational, personal, and spiritual growth. Whether it is balancing career and family, choosing the right career path, starting a business, or personal issues–the mentoring program at YBL will connect men who are looking for guidance and leadership through life’s issues with a mentor.

YBL mentors are mature men with godly wisdom, business experience, and information resources that through a mentoring relationship can help the mentee reach his life’s goals.

A mentor is:

  • successful in his career or profession
  • knowledgeable in his work, profession, or study
  • a person of influence
  • genuinely interested in the mentee’s growth and development

A mentor is not:

  • automatically a close friend
  • ‘on call’ but is available through planned meetings
  • permanent as other mentors may become part of the mentee’s experience to meet goals as circumstances change

A mentee is:

  • goal oriented
  • accepting of challenges
  • someone who takes initiative
  • willing to learn
  • an owner of responsibility

For more information on how to get involved in the YBL mentoring program either as a mentor or mentee, contact the Young Business Leaders Office; Phone (205) 776-5450 or email



Jonathan Jeff – Birmingham, AL

As a new small business owner, this past year I sought counsel through the leadership of YBL to become more knowledgeable about construction. Rob was persistent in finding a mentor match for me, and paired me with an experienced mentor who is a leader in the business community. Price and I started meeting every two weeks, and now we are meeting once every month.  He has consistently provided me with new ideas and wisdom on how to be more effective as a leader of a small business and how we can grow now and in the future. He has helped me to truly evaluate the purpose behind my small business and challenged me to set goals for not only our business but our family.

Price has not only been a mentor, he is a friend and brother in Christ that has given me true biblical counsel–a gospel mindset within our industry.  YBL has been an incredible resource for me throughout this year and we are so grateful for this ministry and the outreach it provides.