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Young Business Leaders (YBL) exists to bring biblical principles to the business community in Birmingham. YBL’s impact is made primarily through three ministry functions: events, small group Bible studies in the work place, and one-on-one mentoring relationships.

The cornerstone of YBL’s ministry is the long-term, laymen-led discipleship and accountability group.  Once you’ve completed the  foundational study (Concentrating on the Majors), these groups will provide a source of friendships, personal accountability, camaraderie, help with difficult issues, and encouragement to get you ready to deal with the challenges you face in the marketplace and in your personal life. From new groups to long-established groups, YBL has been enabling men to meet together on a regular basis for over 30 years.

Monday through Friday mornings, at lunches and in the evenings, the staff of YBL can be found in prayer, accountability, and fellowship with groups of businessmen at various locations around the YBL cities.

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I got involved with YBL through a family and personal connection with Phil Reddick and Rob Genin.  These two each pursued me in a kind way that demonstrated their love for me and desire for me to grow in Christ.  My family has been involved with YBL through the years so I have heard many positive things about this ministry.  I have seen the direct impact inside my family and been blessed with the enduring friendships built within the discipleship model of YBL.  Once I committed to YBL, I was quickly plugged into a small group and began the COM (Concentrating On the Majors) study.

I have been involved with YBL for about 9 months now.  I have completed the COM study and am now leading a small group of great men.  I have seen God’s hand at work in my life through this time and through the accountability of my brothers in this group.

I have been really impressed with YBL’s ability to develop true discipleship.  I have been in many small groups through the years and this is different.  It is much more purposeful.  The relationships are much more intentional with the goal being that these guys in our small group become lifelong dear brothers in Christ.  YBL provides a built-in support system for group leaders with training, accountability, sharing of ideas and even service opportunities.  What I have loved most is the strong focus on God’s Word.  There are plenty of great resources available today but the leadership is encouraged to stay in God’s Word studying specific books of the Bible.

Birmingham Testimony — Greg