2nd Half Jackson

What is 2nd Half?

2nd Half is a ministry of YBL Jackson focused on men in Jackson metro area ages 55+:

  • Equipping them to manage the specific needs of men in this age group (Ex: Care giving – aging parents, Finances – preparing for retirement/after retirement, Identity after retirement, Health)
  • Leveraging their experience to provide mentoring and leadership development for men under the age of 55 (Ex: Leading out in service opportunities in the community, mentoring young leaders, leading short term small groups designed to grow leadership skills of younger leaders)

What is the goal of 2nd Half?

Goal: To establish a legacy by

  • Mobilizing for the gospel
  • Ministering to each other and our circle of influence
  • Multiplying our efforts for the kingdom

2nd Half Events

  • Look for coming events that will address the specific needs of men 55+
  • We will begin some “coffee” small groups soon as an opportunity to begin gathering men 55+

YBL Jackson – 2nd Half Advisory Team

Mark Bailey

Chris Bates

Bob Cunningham

Cliff Ford

Chip Mason

Doug McDaniel

Ford Mosby

Note: As 2nd Half is a fairly new ministry, we are looking to add other events and opportunities to invest in our men. Feel free to reach out to any member of our Advisory Team or our Executive Director, Jay Fletcher (jay@ybljackson.org), or simply complete the form below, if you have ideas or questions.

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