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YBL Jackson offers various types of Bible study opportunities that are geared to meet you where you are in your spiritual journey and grow you to the next level in your spiritual journey of becoming more like Jesus.

Our Bible studies are divided into three tiers:

Tier One – Tier one groups will help the participant understand the basic foundation of beginning a walk with Christ and the tools need to grow in that relationship.

Tier Two – Tier two groups are our Discipleship Groups. They are designed to teach through a book of the Bible or a skill needed to grow in one’s relationship with Jesus. Here you will find both Bible and book studies and higher levels of accountability.

Tier Three – Tier three groups are leadership development intensive. The idea is to build strong, biblical leadership principles through Bible studies, leadership books and real life experiences that will help men lead themselves, their families, their churches and their businesses more effectively.

Investigative Study – Tier One Study

This introductory study normally takes about 3-4 weeks to complete and usually involves two people. This study is for those who want to know how to begin to walk with God. Topics covered deal with the validity of the Bible, finding purpose for our lives and how to begin a relationship with God. Meeting times and location are flexible depending on participant’s schedule.

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Concentrating on the Majors (COM) – Tier One Study

The COM is for those who want to learn or review a basic introduction to the Bible and its most essential truths. Vital Christian principles are explained in this study and topics covered range from how to be sure of your salvation, to experiencing God’s forgiveness, to how to grow in your relationship with God. The COM study meets weekly during the breakfast, lunch or after work hours. Meeting are held at the local YBL office, a local restaurant or office building. There are normally 8 -10 men involved. The format of the group is very discussion oriented which affords participants the opportunity of building friendships and of discussing any personal issues that might be pertinent. The study is centered on passages of the bible and the essential truths of the bible that every Christian needs to grasp. Going through the COM will help you to gain a great deal of knowledge of the Bible, you will make new friends and you will help each other in your spiritual journey. At the end of this study, participants are given the option of moving into a level two discipleship group. New COM groups begin after each banquet and as needed during the year.

Discipleship/Accountability Group – Tier Two Study

The discipleship/accountability group is for those who have been through the COM study or who have sufficient understanding of the basics of a relationship with Jesus. This is a group of 4-8 men that meet weekly for Bible study, encouragement, prayer and mutual accountability. A major focus of this group is the relationships that are developed over time among participants. An atmosphere of openness is encouraged. The purpose of this group is to establish the men in their faith in God and to encourage men to become spiritual leaders in their homes, churches and businesses. This study will be centered on a study of a book of the Bible or a topical study that deals with subjects intended to help men grow as spiritual leaders. These groups meet weekly over breakfast, lunch or after work in different locations around the city.

Leadership Development – Tier Three Study

At YBL Jackson, our heart is to see men released into our community and world equipped to live and lead at the highest levels. This is the level of study where we equip you with the leadership skills that will help you take what you have learned and effectively lead and pass along the things that you have learned to others. Leadership groups will give great attention to skills needed to disciple and teach others.

Small Groups In Your Area – 2020


North Jackson – Noon
Downtown – Noon


Reservoir/Flowood – 6:30AM
North Jackson – 7:00AM
Madison/Ridgeland – 7:00AM
Madison/ Ridgeland – 11:45AM
Madison/Ridgeland – Noon
Reservoir/Flowood – Noon


Clinton – 6:00AM
North Jackson – 7:00AM
Madison/Ridgeland – Noon
Madison/Ridgeland – Noon
North Jackson/Flowood – Noon
North Jackson – Noon
North Jackson/Downtown – Noon
North Jackson – Noon
Madison/Ridgeland – 6:15PM
North Jackson – 7:00PM


Zoom – 6:30AM (Closed Group)
North Jackson – 7:00AM
Fondren/North Jackson/Downtown – 7:00AM
Fondren/North Jackson/Downtown – Noon
North Jackson – Noon
Belhaven/Fondren/Downtown – Noon


Zoom – 6:30AM (Closed Group)
North Jackson/Flowood – 6:45AM
Madison/Ridgeland – 7:00AM
Madison/Ridgeland – 7:00AM
Madison/Ridgeland – 7:00AM


Hattiesburg – 5:00PM/Thursday
Hattiesburg – Noon/Friday

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