The Apostle Paul writes, “…according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus,” (II Tim. 1:1).

Life is joy and peace.  Life is forgiveness and restoration.  Life is hope and security.  Life is satisfaction and contentment.  Life is knowing our purpose and participating in God’s eternal kingdom.

Life!  It is what all mankind seeks!  And it is the gift of knowing Jesus–as we walk by faith.

Death is all the world (mankind without Christ) is able to experience. Death is hopelessness, guilt, shame, angst, discontentment, despair, and meaninglessness.  The world longs for what Christians possess, and every commercial we see and hear is the world’s attempt to assign a product with the means to fulfill one of mans’ deepest desires/ needs.   But products and services never satisfy.  They always fall short of providing God’s gift of life.

The life Christians possess can not be bought.  It is a gift that has already been purchased by God–through Christ.  It is received by faith through repentance…through dependency…through brokenness.

These words are hostile to the world…yet they are life for us!  So, let us walk in them today…and enjoy the life that only God can provide!