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Thanks so much for participating in YBL’s Young Professionals Network virtual gathering. We hope and pray that God will use the words that Doug shared today as an encouragement to you as you continue to consider how to manage your finances God’s way during this challenging season. If YBL can help you in any way, please let us know.


Jay Fletcher
Executive Director
YBL Jackson

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Questions to consider from Doug’s talk:

Questions for you to think about:

  1. Do you find family finances to be a challenge in your marriage?  Explain.
  2. Pick one of the common areas of friction related to family finances (i.e. spending beyond means, too much debt, not enough giving, too materialistic, nor enough margin in your budget, etc.).  What can you do as the leader of your home to bring some resolution this challenge?
  3. What are some common financial issues that singles deal with regularly?
  4. If you are single, what are some practical things that you can do to honor God with your finances during times of crisis?

Resource links:

YBL Jackson: YPN (Young Professionals Network) – “Managing Finances During Crisis Times” – June 17, 2020: