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YBL Birmingham transforms the marketplace by winning men to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them out locally, nationally, and internationally for God’s glory.

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Beginning Again

The New Year is an important opportunity to start again. Many of you have taken stock of the last year, and have set some goals for 2019. Daniel Pink, in his book, When, demonstrates the tangible power of new beginnings. Significant days & markers have proven impact...

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True Comm-unity

Unity. It is a thing which people speak of like world peace--something that would be nice to have, but naive to imagine we will ever achieve it. After several years of highly inflammatory public discourse, it seems like in many ways we are more divided as a country...

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A Good Return on Investment

Risk is an important business concept. We are taught that in general as risk increases in investment, so does the possibility for reward. There are investments that offer a guaranteed result, like bonds. The payoff is typically pretty small. You sacrifice potential...

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Small Groups In Your Area


Shades Crest: 6:00 PM


Lakeshore: TROJB Architects – 6:15 AM
Homewood: American Printing – 6:30 AM
Office Park: ARD – 6:30 AM
Office Park: MAP Development – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Edgar’s – 6:30 AM
Lakeshore: HOAR Construction – 6:30 AM
Perimeter Park: ONIN Group – 11:15 AM


Office Park: MAP Development – 6:15 AM
Office Park: ARD Contracting – 6:30 AM
Downtown: Alabama Power I — 6:30 AM
Downtown: Alabama Power II — 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Blueprint — 6:30 AM


Homewood: Seeds Coffeehouse – 6:45 AM
The Colonnade: Harris Doyle – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Blueprint – 6:30 AM
Office Park: ARD Contracting – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Blueprint II – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Edgar’s – 6:30 AM
Homewood: Demetri’s – 6:30 AM
Homewood: Southbridge – 6:30 AM


280: ChickFilA – 6:30 AM
Acton Rd: Briarwood BDM Bldg – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Blueprint – 6:30 AM
Perimeter Park: Grandview – 6:30 AM
The Colonnade: Edgar’s – 6:30 AM
Lakeshore: O’henry’s – 6:30 AM
Lakeshore: Protective Life – 6:30 AM
Lakeshore: Wallace Jordan – 6:30 AM
Rossbridge: Cross Creek Church – 6:30 AM
Downtown: UAB – 11:30 AM


Vestavia Country Club – 6:30 AM
Homewood: Southbridge Bldg – 6:45 AM
Lakeshore: O’henry’s – 7:00 AM

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YBL Welcomes Anthony Flynn

February 8 @ 6:30 am - 7:45 am

Anthony Flynn is a self-discipline strategist and follow-through expert. As a leader in the business world with numerous Fortune 100 companies (e.g. Kraft Foods, RJ Reynolds and 3M) and a number of  multi-million dollar non-profit ventures, Mr. Flynn has a proven track record for converting ideas and theories to actionable achievements. Anthony Flynn’s story is one of resilience, determination and a desire to invest in others.  Born to a 17-year-old single mother in Memphis, Anthony’s early years were marked by upheaval…

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