Seek Wise Counsel

For the sake of the gospel, YBL is passionate about mentoring. In recent years, this focus has harmonized with trends in culture. The marketplace has adopted the mentoring concept and promoted it as a means of growth and health.  At YBL, we are excited about how this has caused more people to seek out wise […]

Be Wise, Walk Wisely : Five Insights from Psalm 16

Be Wise, Walk Wisely : Five Insights from Psalm 16

Becoming a wise person is objectively the most important thing in your life. Since it is that important, it is wonderful that there are ways to pursue and gain a wise heart. The book of Proverbs is a training manual in basic wisdom. It spends the first nine chapters making the case that you should […]

Who Made You The Boss of Me?

From the office to the family to the government, there is a lot of discussion today on authority.  Does anyone really have the right to be in authority over someone else? If so, when and how? It is critical to understand how authority properly functions in families, churches, businesses and government. Fuzzy thinking in this […]