Big Problems & God-signed Solutions

Dear friends, Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Suicide. Broken relationships. Broken marriages. Churches in conflict. Birth defects. Stillborn babies. Special needs children. All of these are hardships that carry with them gut-wrenching emotions. I have heard all of these challenges in this last week in different conversations. Our hearts cry out to know there is meaning and purpose […]

Archimedes & The New Year

Archimedes & The New Year

Reflection on the Importance of Daily Bible Reading in 2017 The Greek Mathematician and Philosopher Archimedes once said, ‘Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world.’ Certainly, that is a comment on the value of levers – but also on the importance of a firm place to stand. […]

One More Door Thanksgiving Unlocks

‘I imagine the most difficult moment for an atheist is when he is truly grateful, and has no one to thank.’ –G.K. Chesterton   We have just passed through the Thanksgiving holiday. It is my favorite time of year because, as Chesterton’s words show, a grateful spirit humbly admits it is not self-sufficient. For this […]