A Faith that Doesn’t Save?

We will endeavor to point out some of the particulars in which a non-saving faith is defective, and how it comes short of a faith which does save. First, with many it is because they are willing for Christ to save them from hell, but are not willing for Him to save them from self. […]

Lights in a Dark World

“Always be prepared to give an answer…for the hope you have…”    I Peter 3:15 Captain Jeff Struecker was impressed that a career shift might be in his future the morning after losing 18 close comrades in fierce combat.  His “impression” wasn’t for fear of losing his life (as those who had fallen in battle in […]


I’ve been contemplating the theme of gratitude over the past few weeks—especially in light of the Thanksgiving Season.  My study has led me to consider several Biblical passages on the subject—and I decided to write my own definition for gratitude—and one that seems to be consistent with the Biblical teaching that surrounds it.   Here […]