We have a saying in YBL…”We don’t want any of our relationships to become dead ends.” We believe that a truly effective small group, mentoring relationship, or organizational community always finds ways to serve those around them. Whether it is in building relationships through Fellowship, serving the community through Outreach, or thinking Globally, YBL will always encourage the men involved to keep pushing forward to make an impact around them!



YBL organizes its members into small groups that meet on a weekly basis. These are concentrated opportunities for men to learn, grow, and hold each other accountable. However, we like to have fun, too! Friday night movie nights in Vestavia, bowling, Saturdays at the park, informal golf outings, Birmingham Barons games…we want the men in YBL and their families to meet, mingle, network, and enjoy each others company! Stay tuned to our News  section and our Calendar for more information!



Cities are often identified by the number of counties, townships, and dividing lines that run throughout it. YBL wants to change that. Working with other organizations, schools, and community programs, we desire to see unity and solidarity in the wonderfully diverse population of the city of Birmingham. Whether it is building homes with Habitat for Humanity or partnering with churches and other organizations for disaster relief–YBL wants to see the message of unity in Christ go forward. One example is YBL Birmingham’s work with Restoration Academy. Restoration Academy is a private school in the urban city of Fairfield. YBL conducts a bi-weekly leadership seminar where businessmen work to teach seniors life lessons on the family, faith, and the marketplace. Businesses host interns from the inner-city, giving them temporary jobs and helping motivate them to build up their communities.

Please visit each city section of the website to find out more of how you can be involved!