That I may know him and the power of his resurrection. Philippians 3:10

Pray For YBL and WBL Directors

Pray for Rob, Sharon, and Drew that each would be refreshed this season as we celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection and rest in His power to accomplish all He leads them to do.

Pray For Our Community Relations

Pray that our emails, website, and social media will reach those in our community who have never heard a clear gospel message and that they will be drawn to YBL and WBL events and find hope in Christ.

Pray For Our Small Group Leaders

Pray that they will be faithful in all their callings in life. Leading a group is just one aspect of their responsibilities.  Pray that the time spent with their group would strengthen and encourage them as much as it does those they lead. 

Pray for Our Special Events/Ministry

Give thanks for the wonderful WBL Evening with Entrepreneurs event last week and pray for good responses from the follow-up.  Pray that those who indicated interest in knowing more about WBL will be truly responsive to our calls to invite them.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare them for these follow-up calls.  Pray for WBL April events, “From Soil to Soul” and a WBL Lunch and Learn, “Help! I’m drowning – take me to the living water”.

Pray for the YBL Golf Marathon coming up in May and for leadership as they explore forming a YBL group in Chelsea and that men in that community would be drawn to discover more about YBL.